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Why Clean Chimney?

Why Cleaning Chimney Is Essential ?

Carbon Monoxide – Choked Chimneys and Stove Flues are an important cause of CO as it can hamper the proper exit flow off CO from the chimney resulting an increase to CO hazardous level in a home so it becomes a necessity in cleaning of flues and chimneys thereby making your home much safer and protected

Fuel Efficiency – If the chimney is kept well cleaned then the fire burns more efficiently and glows brighter

Cresote and Tar Build Up Formation – Diminished Fire Flares with less heat generation generally occurs due to wet or poor fuel which in turn results to formation of creosote and tar thus leading to blocked flues or chimney fires

Fire Preventation – Cleansing the chimney on and often can protect chimney fires as otherwise it becomes potentially unsafe and at times expensive too

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